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Computer Forensics & DATA RECOVERY

As electronic evidence becomes vital to investigations, data needs to be handled to the highest possible standards if youíre to make a watertight case.

If you copy a file from a PC, you may change its digital fingerprint forever - and that can make the difference between evidence that stands up in court and evidence thatís thrown out.

At Eclipse Computer Consultancy, we use state-of-the-art technology to take forensic images of PCs, laptops, mobile phones and any other device that can hold critical data. And we ensure that all evidence has a clear Ďchain of custodyí.

It means that none of our evidence is ever challenged or dismissed when we present it in the boardroom, tribunal or courtroom.

Deleted doesnít mean itís lost. And hidden doesnít mean it canít be found.

We go beyond the obvious, looking for crucial data in every possible location. We unencrypt files, crack passwords and leave no avenue unexplored in the search for evidence.

And thats what will give you the edge. Eclipse Computer Consultancy carries out all legal Forensic investigations in assoication with

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Have you ever found yourself in the following situations?


Lost your data?
Your hard disk has just crashed?
Hours or days of hard work is lost?
Formatted or partitioned your hard drive and now you realise you want your data back?
Have you deleted your data by accident?
Is your hard drive making ticking noises?
Virus infection has made your hard drive inaccessible?
Does your computer not recognise the hard drive any more?

Or your files have simply disappeared and you can't find them anymore?


Don't despair! We at Eclipse Computer Consultancy certainly can help! We can recover your data even though you have formatted or partitioned your hard drive or your hard drive suffers from logical, electronic and/or physical damage.

We can restore ALL your lost data. There are data recovery solutions for everybody and any type of business and any situation: Laptop data recovery, desktop data recovery, hard disk data recovery, hard drive data recovery, server data recovery, RAID data recovery, emergency data recovery or any other circumstances where data loss or data damage has occurred.