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Our networking services include both wired and wireless options, including installation and configuration of Routers, Hubs, Gateways, Wireless Access Points, Cat5e Cabling, and on the software side, Windows Networking, File and Printer Sharing, Internet Connection Sharing, Private Networks and Remote Access.

We also provide professional backup solutions for small and large businesses. Utilising the latest external hard drive technologies and combined with sophisticated mirroring technology to provide you with twice the peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

We can also provide you with solutions to mobile connectivity. From PCMCIA wireless cards to GPRS internet connections.

We distribute and support network hardware from many manufacturers including;


We provide an extensive software installation, upgrades and troubleshooting service, with experience in Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Servers. We also have considerable expertise in Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Outlook and most common types of standard Windows software.

We specialise in internet connections and servers, including Broadband ADSL or Cable connections, ISDN, Dialups, Internet Connection Sharing, Email and Web Servers.

We also specialise in internet security, including Firewalling (the blocking of attacks on your system from internet hackers and worms) and Antivirus Protection. We have broad experience in virus infestation removal and damage limitation, particularly useful if you have unwittingly become infected.

A rapidly increasing problem these days is the intrusion of spam and spyware into the business environment. Email spam (unsolicited email messages, usually of a sexually explicit nature) has now reached saturation levels, with many companies finding that hundreds of unwanted emails are clogging up their inboxes on a daily basis. We are able to install and manage effective spam filtering techniques, which in most cases can remove up to 99% of the problem.

Additionally, it is now worryingly easy to unwittingly allow spyware to become installed on computers. Spyware can take several forms, and is usually a small program running secretly on your machine that performs nefarious activities. Such activities typically include displaying incessant popup windows, monitoring your web browsing activities for the purposes of collecting marketing information, or hijacking your search results, displaying porn sites and gambling casinos instead of what you were actually looking for. We are experts at removing such infestations and installation of software to help block further problems.